Monday, August 17, 2015

Conserving Water During California’s Drought

As everyone is aware by now Governor Jerry Brown issued an Executive Order on April 1, 2015 mandating additional water use restrictions. In an effort to make our city aware, Assembly Member Ian C. Calderon, the City of Whittier and the Whittier Chamber held a water conservation forum and resource fair on August 5th. From this event, they put together a flyer that shows what a 20% reduction in water use would look like.

  • Install aerators on bathroom faucets saves 1.2 gallons per person/day
  • Turning off water when brushing teeth or shaving saves 10 gallons per person/day
  • Fill the bathtub halfway or less saves 12 gallons per person
  • Fix leaky toilets saves 30-50 gallons per day/toilet
  • Install a high efficiency toilet (1.28 gallon/flush) saves 19 gallons per person/day
  • Wash only full loads of clothes saves 15-45 gallons per load
  • Take FIVE minutes showers instead of 10 minute showers saves 12.5 gallons with a water efficient showerhead
  • Install a water-efficient shower head saves 1.2 gallons per minute OR 10 gallons per average 10 minute shower
  • Run the dishwasher when full instead of half full saves 5-15 gallons per load
Also remember to check your sprinkler timers to make sure that they are operating at the beginning of the day or late in the afternoon. Check your sprinklers regularly to be sure they are not watering the driveway, sidewalk and or streets. Be sure to check with your water provider to find out the days you are allowed to water.

If everyone in the city of Whittier would do their part to conserve water, then our reserves will last longer. If you would like to see the flyer that was handed out, please visit our website and visit our blog for the flyer in English & Spanish.

M A P Property Management & Property Services can assist you with replacing old appliances, faucets, or toilets and repairing or upgrading your irrigation systems to be more drought-tolerant. Call Laurie for more information at (562) 945-3404.

Check out this great water reduction flyer from Save our Water: The California Lifestyle!

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