Friday, November 20, 2015

5 Reasons to Use a Professional Property Manager in Whittier CA

 If you have owned rental property or have inherited a home and became a landlord, you already know that there are many hats that you need wear. In addition to selecting tenants, preparing leases, and maintaining the property, you also have to contend with Fair Housing guidelines, staying current with market rents, and formidable court room process. Perhaps you have discovered, like many do, that being a landlord isn’t for everyone. Here are five great reasons ways that a property manager can help you get back to enjoying your life. 

1 – How to Screen a Tenant  

This is the most important step you can take as a landlord. Verifying their credit, criminal and eviction history is a crucial part of this process. With the current eviction process laws, when a tenant is evicted, they can get their case sealed so it won’t show up on the eviction search. Verify current and previous landlord and listen for what they say. If they are vague, it could be a red flag. We just had an eviction where it was specifically stated in the judgment that I could only give neutral responses to any rental inquiries on this tenant. Some property managers who called to verify her residency understood my vague responses. The court system is not making it easy on landlords. Be aware! 

2 – Showing the Property 


Your time is valuable. Not only do you need to get the property ready to rent which means after work and on weekends, but then there are making appointments to show your vacancy. This means taking more time away from family and work. Wouldn’t you rather that time be spent doing something else? With a property management company they schedule appointments for you. At MAP Property Management, we show the perspective tenants the unit personally. We are able to meet and interact with perspective tenants and help them imagine where their furniture could go. Painting a picture with their furniture in the home helps in filling the vacancy. 

3 – Ethics and Legal Issues - Rental Laws 


Many home owners turn landlords are not up to date on current state laws with regards to evictions. Fair Housing Laws are also an area where there can be problems as to what you can and can’t say to perspective tenants. When filling out a 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit and you make a mistake it could mean starting the eviction process from the beginning. 

4 – Rent Collection 


Chasing down your tenants every month for their rent payment can be very frustrating. Professional Property Management Companies have software programs that assist in collecting rents. Our tenants can pay their rent online and we are able to track all transactions for each tenant. Tenants can also report any maintenance issues online. 

 5 – Property Maintenance 


Maintaining a Rental Property has to be the most time consuming and expensive part of being a property owner. A rental property increases those expenses and time commitments even more. Every time a tenant moves out there are more expenses like, re-keying or changing locks, painting, cleaning and if there are upgrades that need to be done that will take more time and money. Then there is marketing, advertising, showing, screening and signing a new lease and that is just to name a few. Having the home or apartment in good showing condition is key to getting high market rents and attracting a qualified tenant. 

Hiring a professional property manager is a great way to avoid missing some of life’s important moments like a dance recital or the big game. Leaving work to rush to show a vacancy and missing dinner with your family because you need to get it rented for pay the mortgage. Is it really worth it? Take back your life and your investment! Call MAP Property Management and ask for Laurie (562) 945-3404. Property Management is our business, our ONLY business!

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